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SemaGrow on Github

The main SemaGrow Stack is developed on github, as project semagrow/semagrow Besides the SemaGrow Stack, the organization also publishes tools needed to configure the Stack, including:

See also the SemaGrow Knowledge Kit on Github, where Javadoc and other user and developer resources are published.

Other Resources

The following tools were also developed in SemaGrow:

  • Semantic Turkey: Semantic Turkey is a platform for Knowledge Acquisition and Management
  • VocBench: web-based, multilingual, editing and workflow tool that manages thesauri, authority lists and glossaries using SKOS-XLM
  • CODA: an architecture used to project the data produced by one or more UIMA annotators ontoan ontology
  • Sheet2RDF: a platform for acquisition and transformation of datasheets into RDF. SheetRDF is available as a stand-alone tool and as a plugin for Semantic Turkey. A plugin for VocBench is also under development.
  • SYNTHESIS: automatic alignment framework
  • rdfCDF: tool for converting between NetCDF and RDF and for exposing NertCDF files as SPARQL endpoints using on-the-fly conversion.
  • cleanDT: AGRIS date cleaner.
  • FAO Agrotagger: crawling and semantic annotation software provided by FAO.
  • SemagrowREST: a REST API that wraps the Semagrow Stack WebApp under a NoSQL querying endpoint.
  • Pilot: Virtual Machine with SemaGrow pilot.